Quality Policy

Quality Policy

SSTC Academy Sdn Bhd provides technical, vocational and management training programmes to produce highly skilled and quality workforce, meeting the requirements of public and privete job markets, based on National and International Occupational Skills Standards.

The College Is Committed:

To maintain high standard of quality in our human resources, systems, facilities and all our products & services, and shall continuously strive to promote innovation and development in all spheres of functioning.

To pursue international standards of academic excellence in all our endeavours, namely teaching, research, skills development, e-learning, and professional & executive education, with the view to help in building national capabilities in technical and vocational competencies.

To ensure continuous improvement and upgrading of our management systems.

To ensure total compliance to contractual obligations and relevants laws, and meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders.

The college shall, on best effort basis:

Provide the faculty with pedagogical training based on culture of student-centered learning with a focus on learning outcomes. This leads to knowledge-based services to satisfy the needs of the industry, society and country.

Provide students with a comprehensive academic and social support system, paying particular attention to specific needs of learners from under-previlege groups and those who experience life difficulties.

Establish symbiotic linkages with industry and other organisations for sharing knowledge and resources for mutual growth & development and for placement of students.