Message From CEO

Message From CEO

Warmest greeting to everyone. Salam Sejahtera. Salam 1Malaysia.

Over the last 14 years, SSTCA have been actively participating in the skills training and education in Malaysia, along with thousand other technical and vocational education and training institutions (TVET), both private and public.

As Malaysia is moving towards a high-income nation, the needs for skill workers will further increase. Currently, skill workers in Malaysia are still low, standing at 28%, compared to South Korea 36%, Finland 44%, and Singapore 49%. Under RM ke-11 (2016 -2020), 60% employment in all sectors would require specific skills in TVET.

I take great pleasure here to congratulate students and parents for choosing skills training (TVET) as their career, as opposed to conventional academic stream.

Given Ministry Of Education's "Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia" which recognised the importance of developing students' potential in various interests, skills and capabilities, SSTCA has taken many initiatives including developing unique courses to meet specific needs of the industry, teaching students English and Mandarin, and imparting other essential skills such communication and on-line life-long learning.


SSTCA has also taking a bold initiative to set-up Centres of Excellence, primarily to forge meaningful engagement with industries and potential employers in the design and delivery of our programmes.

As an approved Skills Training Centre, we always try to understand what our "customers" want. For our students, they are looking forward to be inspired and exposed to the job market, and more importantly, they want a tangible job opportunity after completing their study.

For this reason, SSTCA is determined to work closely with industries and potential employers, to make sure our programmes are industry-relevant and recognised. We have no doubt, active industry's involvement in students' training and education will transform them to become competent skill workers. This would further enhance students' employability.

SSTCA shall remain steadfast in our commitment to the country to produce highly skilled and competent workforce, enjoying high income, in line with the aspiration of TN50. I like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to both BPTV (MOE) and PTPK (MOHR) for their support and sponsorship. We hope BPTV and PTPK will continue sending their sponsored students to SSTCA in 2018 and beyond.

I am grateful to everyone for their support, assistance and encouragement.