SSTC Academy Advisory Board (SAAB)

SAAB acts as an Advisory Body to the Management of the Academy; To advise and guide its Management in formulating the Academy's policies and direction, strategies and action-plans, in the pursuit of its goals and objectives, for the advancement of the Academy as well as the benefits of the students, teachers and all stakeholders.

SAAB shall also guide the Management in developing and promoting mutually beneficial relationship with all the stakeholders, including the Sponsors, Students, Teachers, Parents, Relevant Authorities (including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resources, Suruhanjaya Tenaga,), Potential Employers and the Local Community.

SAAB shall also advise and assist the Management in strengthening Academy's academic excellence and technical/vocational competencies; connecting the Academy to relevant government departments and agencies, and potential employers for support and assistance; and guiding the Academy to negotiate with potential employers for placement of students' internship, practical training, and employment; and sharing of their educational and training facilities, for the benefit and learning experience of both students and teachers.

SAB shall also guide the Management in developing business plans and targets for the Academy; creating positive corporate culture and shared-values; implementing Quality Policies and Procedures; and putting in place the required systems and procedures.


Prof Emeritus Dato' Dr Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid

President Malaysia Association for Education

Dr Zakaria Taib

President, ICSMEE Malaysia

Puan Sugunadevi Arjunan

Chairman/CEO/Principal, SSTC Academy

Assoc Prof Dr Mustafa Man

Deputy Director, Research Management and Innovation Centre, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.